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entry OCR
with AI

With our ready-to-use entry OCR solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, we help companies in logistics automate and optimize their entry processes.

automation with
Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to our algorithms, automation on your terminal is within reach! Easily automate all your entry processes by letting our smart cameras with Artificial Intelligence register all movements in real-time. Speed up your processes, save on labor costs, and prevent errors.

What makes our technology innovative is that we use artificial intelligence to analyze real-time video footage from an IP camera instead of traditional line-scan cameras.

This makes our solution lightning-fast, highly accurate, scalable, and more cost-effective than traditional Entry OCR solutions.

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our products

Icon gate automation

Easily automate all your access processes and automate your access control.

Icon rail automation

Easily record all train data on your tracks and provide real-time analysis on brake shoes.

Icon crane automation

Easily automate the registration of containers upon arrival, during operations, and at drop-off.

Icon stacker automation

Automate, improve, and accelerate container registration during handling processes.

Icon terminal automation

Easily monitor terminals for spillage and automate your logistic documents.

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Let your terminal grow with AI! Our algorithms work 24/7/365 and deliver maximum quality, easily integrating with all your existing systems. Increase your throughput, save on labor costs, and prevent errors!

we make entry OCR affordable

Our revolutionary technology is based on software instead of hardware, making automation affordable for small to medium-sized terminals! We turn every camera into a smart camera and keep the investment low.

we promise, you’ll be on your way in less than 10 minutes.

focus on your data, we’ll do the rest

choose for uparalleled accuracy

Our entry OCR solutions work with real-time video footage instead of static photos. This makes our technology lightning-fast and much more reliable than traditional OCR techniques.

grows with your business

Plug and play, mobile portals, an online platform to train your algorithms, and easy integration with your TOS systems. Our solution is modular, scalable, self-learning, and incredibly flexible. Our solutions can easily adapt and grow with your business!

Hello Container

“We save up to 25% on administrative time”.

Hello Container

Automating documents


Broekman Logistics

“We optimize processes through automation at the terminal.”

Broekman Logistics




“We can better manage the railway and invest more efficiently”.


Rail OCR & Brake Disk Model



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Ready to get going and revolutionize your business processes with our algorithms?