Logistic documents automation

Logistic Document OCR

With our innovative Logistic Document OCR solution, you can easily automate the processing of your incoming logistic documents. What makes our solution unique is that we use artificial intelligence to read your documents and process data in a way that is close to human intelligence. This makes our Logistic Document OCR solution highly accurate, flexible, scalable, and trainable.


Read and process data from documents directly

Use our Logistic Document OCR solution with artificial intelligence to read and process your incoming logistics documents. Speed up your processes, prevent errors, and spare your valuable employees from boring repetitive tasks. Our well-trained deep learning algorithm that has processed hundreds of thousands of deep-sea, short-sea, and intermodal messages is available 24/7 to process information from your emails and PDFs.

Think, for example, of:

  • Booking confirmations

  • Departure notices

  • Delay notices

  • Arrival times

  • Transport orders

  • Orders

  • Want to know more?


Works with all types of documents

As a logistics service provider, you probably have many providers. Often these providers provide their information in different ways. It is therefore not desirable to make 40 or 50 EDI connections. We have good news: our algorithm is trained to read all these documents from different service providers, including PDF files, Excel files, and emails. Determine for yourself what information you need, and we will make sure it is added to your ERP system via an API!


Save administrative time and increase your flexibility

A delayed ship or train? You don’t want your truck planning to depend on colleagues to keep the system up to date. It’s also a waste of time to have your employees read documents all day and then process the information in other systems.

Our Logistic Document OCR solution works 24/7/365 and ensures that your system is always up to date. It doesn’t matter if the algorithm processes 5000 or 8000 documents in a month. That’s why you can easily handle seasonal peaks but also grow with the same number of employees. Handy with this labor market shortage. So request a demo of our Logistic Document OCR solution today!


Documents analyzed


Hours saved


Faster then employees

Why choose supplai

The benefits of our Logistic Document OCR solution

  • Well-trained algorithm

  • Works 24/7/365

  • User-friendly

  • Modular and widely scalable

  • Trainable yourself

User-friendly platform

Train the algorithm through the platform

Part of our Logistic Document OCR solution is an online platform. All read documents and data are stored here, and you can train the algorithm. For example, if the algorithm has not read something correctly, you can correct it in the platform. By doing so, you train the algorithm to understand it correctly next time. This way, the quality of your Logistic Document OCR solution improves over time. Nice to have such a new smart employee, isn’t it?

The platform can also be set up entirely based on your needs. For example, you can make it communicate with your ERP system intelligently to make processes even more efficient.

Our platform is also available for mobile devices and works on different operating systems.

R.M.I. utilizes Artificial Intelligence to achieve a 50% growth in 5 years with the same number of personnel

“To automate arrival, departure, and delay messages for transportation, we use supplai’s logistic document OCR solution.” – R.M.I Global Logistic Services

We chose supplai because of their experience in the logistics sector, which is why their algorithm is already trained very well.

“It takes us a lot of time to manually type information from logistics service providers, and it is too error-prone. That is why we were looking for a kind of robot that can read information from the documents and directly translate it to our platform.” – HelloContainer


Save 5-10 times the cost in 5 years


Reduce “human error”


More insight into your processes and data


24/7, 365 per year


start your own digital revolution!

Ready to get going and revolutionize your business processes with our algorithms?