the new way of speaking

a new way to connect with customers

Be ready for customers and provide better service. Use AI to speak directly to customers and know what your customer wants before you talk to them.

a suitable answer to every question

Customers prefer everything to be done quickly and through personal contact! But much of what they ask is repetitive and is often available somewhere in your ERP system. So how do you ensure that your employees answer complex questions but outsource simple questions? Automate conversations with Natural Language Processing (NLP).

the human side

let AI connect, learn and even provide better answers

Within AI we know Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the field of speaking. This is analyzing content and speech. Use our algorithms and reduce administrative work and increase the quality of your service.


happy customers

Studies show that real-time customer support leads to up to 40% more sales and average order value growth of up to 10%. Customers experience this fast service as very pleasant.
gate ocr, Gate OCR-Lösung

reduce workload

less administration

Do your employees enter data on tablets, but would you rather have them record this on a headset? Or do they often have to make interview reports and spend a lot of time organizing the administration of each conversation? With NLP you can drastically shorten this time!
24 / 7 / 365 service
instant response
user analytics
improve customer experience
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higher appreciation

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take advantage of Conversational AI

never let a customer wait again and increase your service level!

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