AI-based Energy Management (EMAI)

AI driven energy management solutions by supplai to provide valuable insights to optimise energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Our AI-based Energy Management solution helps monitor energy usage in buildings, factories, and infrastructure across a wide range of sectors and industries. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), our AI-based Energy management solutions provide data in real-time to detect and identify failures, and predict problems before they occur.

clear and concise data in real-time

Our AI-based Energy management solution provides continuous monitoring to provide valuable analysis of energy consumption, and carbon emissions in real-time. Machine learning algorithms can be used to enable accurate tracking and optimization of consumption, as well as predictive maintenance. This reduces costs arising from equipment downtime. 

Our AI-based Energy Management solution identifies the performance of energy equipment and provides recommendations to enhance energy efficiency and maximise output. Our AI-based Energy Management solution can be deployed across a wide range of industries and sectors to help clients with energy efficiency, prediction, management, and sustainability without the need of third-party hardware devices.


  • Tailor-made solutions and recommendations to maximise energy efficiency and reduce costs. Track asset health and predict issues and failures using our machine learning algorithms.
  • Track and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across multiple smart buildings and reduce energy consumption during peak hours. 
  • Machine learning algorithms help monitor energy and carbon emissions in real-time to identify waste and promote sustainable energy. Calculate and evaluate carbon emissions and determine high-value drivers and reduce costs.
  • Detailed performance analysis of assets to increase uptime by 20 to 30% (competitors 10-20%) 
  • Detailed, flexible and scalable platform offers full and extensive integration and compatibility with various business operating systems. 


Our AI-based Energy management solution can be deployed for usage at various facilities and sectors such as:


  • Manufacturing plants and infrastructure
  • Transport and intermodal facilities
  • Residential buildings 
  • Schools and campuses
  • Research and development centres
  • Electrical plants
  • Gas and petroleum plants
  • Information Technology infrastructure
  • Water management infrastructure


Our AI-based Energy Management solution also features a detailed, scalable and modular platform to provide transparency across multiple platforms. With easy integration and compatibility with existing operating systems, our AI-based Energy Management solution provides streamlined tools tailored to suit every need of the client.

Clear visualisation of data in real-time, across multiple platforms to provide a comprehensive dataset which can be used to enhance future performance or carry out energy audits. Our AI-based platform enables the automation of energy measurements and provides recommendations to meet energy, water, carbon consumption objectives.

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