Edge-based License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) solution powered by Artificial Intelligence

AI-based vehicle license plate recognition technology developed to offer essential automobile intelligence to improve business operations, automate chores, and enhance public security. Gain valuable vehicle insights, detect and  identify vehicles in real-time, and automate access/exit operations with our AI-based License Plate Recognition technology.

an automated and versatile LPR/ANPR system to enhance mobility, improve security and reduce congestion

Our AI-based LPR/ANPR technology provides real-time information about vehicles and allows users to access insights for analysis, comparison and the enhancement of security in any given premises. Information gathered from each vehicle is stored in a data-base, readily available for easy access. Our AI-based LPR/ANPR solution can be deployed in a host of environment such as:

  • Parking lot/ garages
  • Toll gates
  • Highways/ junctions

Our AI-based LPR/ANPR technology can also be deployed for Journey Time Analysis to identify passing vehicles. This helps traffic wardens and officials with the reduction of traffic congestion. By providing valuable vehicle information, users can easily detect reckless driving, overspeeding, vehicle theft etc. Our AI-based LPR/ANPR solution offers:

  • High OCR accuracy and recognition rate 
  • Recognizes different license plates and characteristics
  • Recognizes foreign license plates as well vanity or personalized plates
  • Direction detection
  • Image processing & template matching
  • Enhanced vehicle parking and surveillance experience
uninterrupted round-the-clock monitoring and control

Our AI-based LPR/ANPR technology offers continuous surveillance to ensure that users do not miss a single bit of traffic information as well as analytics. Due to its high OCR capabilities, our AI-based License Plate Recognition technology makes it possible to easily identify stationary and moving vehicles, even in low-visibility areas and/or conditions. Data gathered from this analysis can be used to analyse traffic flow, identify and predict traffic issues, and map out traffic patterns to enhance mobility. Our AI-based License Plate Recognition solution also helps with the reduction of congestion in traffic by identifying practices that could be best avoided. Reduce waiting times and enhance smart parking experiences in various premises or locations.

LPR/ANPR use cases

smart parking management

Keep track of every vehicle in the parking premises and maximize smart parking experiences for users as well as garage managers.

Law enforcement/traffic management

Identify and readily access vehicular history. Our LPR/ANPR technology can be deployed to check for vehicle registration, determine traffic violations, and identify plates to enhance safety and security. Track vehicle location in real-time with utmost precision and reduce uncertainties in traffic

Smart City management

Can be deployed to link individuals with their various license plates. This helps to combat auto theft and assist security forces in dangerous or perilous situations.


Enhanced Traffic Automation and User Experience: Real-time data for fast, logical and coherent vehicle identification. Our AI-based License Plate Recognition solution is able to decode and decipher license plates, vehicle make, colour and size.

Integration with third-party IT- and OS systems: Our AI-based LPR/ANPR system offers seamless integration with third party operating Systems without much of a hassle. Our AI-based LPR/ANPR system allows for easy installation at entry/exit points, parking garages, terminals and more. Analysed data can be stored and managed locally, or via third-party integrated applications.

Scalability: The integration of Edge computing facilitates the implementation of certain analytics and capabilities required for maximum adaptability. Our AI-based LPR/ANPR is able to function properly in rapidly changing environments, and is also able to deal with changes in volume and/or amount of cars/vehicles.

Promote environmentalism, sustainability and responsible care:  Our AI-based LPR/ANPR solution can help combat pollution in congestion-prone areas. By reducing waiting time, space-search time, etc, our LPR/ANPR solution helps to eradicate unnecessary driving. This is beneficial to the environment.

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