object detection

object detection with artificial intelligence

Automate human visual image analysis and increase the efficiency and quality of your processes.

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analyze photos and videos with object detection AI

Object detection, computer vision or object recognition, image recognition or image analysis are synonyms for artificial intelligence technology that is able to analyze the output of any type of camera (normal, infrared, thermal, lidar or radar and laser images) and then make predictions about what has been detected. This enables us to improve processes and quality in many applications. This includes damage inspection, asset inspection, soil inspection, construction site analysis, warehouse inspections, access controls and much more!



with utmost precision

Consistency and quality are important in production. Let our object detection algorithms help you with these image analysis quality checks.


downtime costs a fortune

Doing image analysis of damage manually takes a lot of time and is also very subjective. Use our object detection algorithms to work more efficiently and effectively.
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out of the box

We experienced it all during Covid. Maximum number of people in the store. Or do you just want to know how busy it is due to capacity planning? You can train object detection algorithms to do image recognition the way you want

work smarter

measuring is knowing for sure

Do you want to know how much the expected harvest is or even the quality of it? Just an example of the power of AI object detection.
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administration costs a lot (time)

Insurance claims, broker, asset management. Do you get to see a lot of images that you have to judge? Automate it with our object detection algorithms!

new insights

the sky is the limit

What would it be like if companies with countless trucks on the road could measure the quality of the road surface? That would be a revolution in maintenance. AI implementations are completely changing processes. Do you have an idea? Spar with us, then we will provide the correct algorithms!
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