smart parking

Parking-lot occupancy powered by AI to fully optimize and enhance parking management

Smart design of our country is becoming increasingly important. Smart city is also a term that is being used more and more. Why not smart parking? To be able to do this, data is needed from the current and perhaps future situation.

monitor and record every move and let the data help

Our AI-based smart parking solution can be used in different kinds of situations. Our model can be combined with a camera or drone for an in-depth analysis of complex traffic situations with the aid of computer vision. This can be on highways, roundabouts, roads, intersections, multi-lane or non-multi-lane interchanges, or multi-lane bends.


knowledge is power

Automatically detect and categorize objects. Then you can analyze the behavior in detail. Traffic monitoring, traffic control, safety or improving efficiency, it is all possible by turning chaotic movements into clear data.


anytime and everywhere

Our algorithms are compatible with all types of cameras and allow for real-time analysis of the images. Furthermore, our algorithms can combine data from multiple cameras and various licence-plates types. Our models and algorithms can be fully configured to suit your operational needs.
can be deployed at
  • Park & Ride
  • Kiss & Ride
  • Parking lots
  • Garages
  • Accurate detection of different types of vehicles
  • Classification of vehicles into different categories by means of statistical data
  • Precision counting
  • Adaptive control and management of traffic
  • Detect traffic violations
  • Prevent distracted driving
  • Measure speed and distance of vehicles
  • Visualisation and review of heatmaps
  • Counting waiting times (including on public transport vehicles)
  • Queue detection
traffic monitoring
traffic control
parking management
security check


the sky's the limit

What makes supplai different? We are a total supplier of AI solutions. The market is developing rapidly and it is important to have a partner who can bridge the gap between this innovative technology and the possibilities for your company. This allows us to continue working together on new innovative ideas based on the needs of your company.

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