Innovative license plate ocr

License plate recognition (LPR/ANPR) with AI

With our innovative license plate OCR solution, you can easily automate your access control. What makes our solution unique is that we employ Artificial Intelligence to analyze real-time video images instead of traditional photos. We turn every camera into a smart camera! This makes our technology lightning fast, highly accurate, scalable, and more cost-effective than traditional license plate OCR systems.

Automate your access processes with AI-based license plate recognition (LPR/ANPR)

Use our License Plate (LPR/ANPR) OCR solution to enhance and automate the efficiency of your access processes. Detect and identify vehicles in real-time, obtain vehicle information, and automate entry and exit activities with our AI-based license plate OCR. Thanks to AI, our solution can read license plates from both stationary and moving vehicles, even in challenging environments with adverse weather conditions or busy backgrounds.

Think of information for container terminals such as:

  • License plates (including foreign and personalized plates)
  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle color
  • Vehicle size
  • Direction detection
  • Template detection

The Advantages of AI Over Traditional License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) Systems

By using Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with IP cameras to analyze real-time video images instead of static photos, our solution provides immediate and up-to-date vehicle information (crucial in situations where real-time data is essential), such as during entry processes.


The benefits of our license plate recognition

  • Cost- effective: software instead of hardware

  • Fast: video instead of photo

  • Minimal error chance: hundreds of photos instead of one photo

  • User-friendly

  • Modular and widely scalable

  • Self-trainable

Easy to Integrate and Highly Scalable

You can easily integrate our license plate recognition solution (LPR/ANPR) with third-party IT and operating systems without much hassle! Our solution is also straightforward to install at access or exit points, such as on your terminal. Since our LPR/ANPR solution is AI-based, it performs excellently in rapidly changing environments with varying vehicle types and volumes. Analyzed data can be stored and managed locally or through integrated third-party applications.


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