Brake Disc Model powered by AI and Computer vision algorithms

to monitor shoe thickness on axles

Our AI-based Brake Disc model can be deployed on a wide range of vehicles to provide real-time analysis on brake shoes. Monitor brake shoes on every axle with our AI-integrated model, and gain valuable insights. Our AI-based Brake disc model can be used to detect or predict shoe wear and tear in real-time to reduce downtime and minimize congestion, as well as to increase productivity and enhance business operations. Our Brake disc model provides detailed analysis of brake shoes – use our computer vision algorithms to see more than the human eye could meet.

real-time prediction with computer vision

Detect potential or common brake disc issues before they occur with our AI-integrated Brake Disc model. Powered by computer vision algorithms, our Brake Disc model can be used to provide continuous analysis on every axle. Our Brake Disc model can be deployed to detect rotor, caliper, and pad issues, to avoid delay or halt in operations, providing a cost-effective solution to brake shoe monitoring and analysis.

Modular system

Our AI-based Brake Disc Model can be applied to every braking system such as:

  • Hydraulic braking system
  • Electromagnetic braking system
  • Servo/vacuum-assisted braking system
  • Mechanical braking system

Our Brake disc model can be used to perform complete and detailed analysis on Disc Brakes, Drum brakes, Emergency brakes and anti-lock brakes on every heavy-duty, as well as intermodal vehicle. Enhance mobility and map out issues without slowing down your operational processes with advanced brake shoe imaging, coupled with clear and concise annotations.


  • Better analysis than traditional/manual brake shoe monitoring. Our AI-based Brake Disc model with computer vision and machine learning algorithms is able to detect and identify brake shoe issues in larger volumes than humans can. Our best-in-class OCR technology is able to perform accurate imaging with more in-depth analysis. 
  • Faster operation times. Our computer vision algorithms make it possible for users to monitor brake shoes on every axle in real-time. Users can gain more insight on individual brake shoes without the need to frequent halting of processes, thus enhancing uptime and the speed of operations.
  • Computer vision for a host of vehicles ranging from heavy-duty to intermodal vehicles. Our AI-based Brake Disc model can be deployed to provide accurate analysis on the conditions of brake shoes and discs on ISO tank trucks, trains, and much more.

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