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Crane OCR solution

With our innovative Crane OCR solution, you can easily automate the registration of containers upon arrival, during operations, and at drop-off. Our technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze real-time video footage instead of traditional photos. This makes our technology highly accurate, extremely fast, versatile, and more cost-effective than traditional OCR systems. We offer Crane OCR for Gantry, RMG, RTG, STS cranes, as well as mobile cranes. The only one in the market!


Automate your processes with our Crane OCR technology

We offer Crane OCR for Gantry, RMG, RTG, STS cranes, and mobile cranes. Use our solution to automate processes at your terminal. Our Crane OCR increases throughput, saves labor costs, and prevents errors by automatically registering container numbers during crane operations. Enhance safety with real-time video by eliminating blind spots and detecting objects such as vehicles and people. Our algorithm is capable of quickly recognizing and understanding everything captured in the video.

Think of information such as:

  • Container numbers and codes

  • Images and characters

  • Container classification based on ADR labels

  • Shapes and objects, such as vehicles and people

  • Door direction

  • Seal detection

  • Damages


Unparalleled quality and reliability

Our solution is incredibly accurate. This is because we use artificial intelligence to analyze real-time video footage.

By using video footage instead of traditional photos, the algorithm has thousands of individual frames of an object to draw conclusions from. This results in accuracy of up to 100%, which cannot be matched by traditional OCR systems. Our algorithms can send container numbers within the first few seconds of the move while it’s still in progress!


Traditional OCR

Traditional OCR utilizes line scan cameras that capture multiple photos stitched together into a single image. This image is then scanned based on a predefined set of characters and letters. Traditional OCR systems are limited in reading information that is not placed in a standard location and when the photo is unclear due to lighting or weather conditions. Human checks are therefore required to ensure accuracy, or a large number of cameras are needed. Additionally, detecting shapes and objects around containers, such as people or vehicles, is not possible with this technique.

Artificial intelligence is now also used to analyze the captured photos from line scan cameras. However, it still does not come close to the speed, accuracy, and capabilities of our technology. Our algorithms can send container numbers within the first few seconds of the move while it’s still in progress!

Our technology

Supplai’s OCR technology uses IP cameras with artificial intelligence to analyze real-time video footage. Our well-trained algorithms analyze and understand the video footage in a way that closely resembles human intelligence. The algorithm is self-learning, meaning that the more information it processes, the more accurate it becomes. Our Crane OCR technology is therefore highly flexible and can adapt to different situations, such as busy backgrounds, varying weather conditions, languages, and layouts. It can also recognize objects in the environment, such as vehicles and people.

Since our Crane OCR technology works with IP cameras instead of line scan cameras, the investment required is significantly lower! Additionally, we are the only ones in the market offering Crane OCR for mobile cranes with a plug-and-play solution!


The benefits of our Crane OCR solution

  • Cost-effective: software instead of hardware

  • Fast: video instead of photos

  • Minimal error chance: hundreds of photos instead of one

  • User-friendly

  • Modular and highly scalable

  • Self-trainable

  • Mobile crane OCR is plug & play. Installation takes only 2-3 hours and can easily be done by yourself!

We offer Crane OCR for Gantry, RMG, RTG, STS cranes, and mobile cranes. The only one in the market!


Train the algorithm using the platform

An important aspect of our Crane OCR solution is an online platform. This platform stores all gathered data and images, allows for exception handling, and enables you to train the algorithm yourself. If the algorithm doesn’t correctly recognize or read certain data, you can correct it in the platform, training it to perform better next time. This improves the accuracy of your Crane OCR solution over time!

You can also customize the platform according to your needs. Let it seamlessly communicate with the TOS and other systems at your terminal to further streamline processes. Want to know the exact time a container was placed at the drop-off? Simply enter the container number and instantly retrieve all the data and images. Exception handling can also be easily done in our platform.

The platform is even available on mobile devices and works on different operating systems. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Safer and Faster

Furthermore, our algorithms run locally at the terminal, eliminating the need for processing on external servers. This makes our solution safer and faster. Moreover, we comply with all required security standards to ensure the safety and protection of our customers’ data. Want to know more about our solution? Contact us!


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