Enhance yard and terminal operations

Reach stacker OCR powered by AI

Automate, improve, and accelerate container registration during handling processes with our innovative Reach Stacker OCR. Our solution utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze and comprehend real-time video footage.

Automate the registration of container numbers

Use our innovative plug & play Reach Stacker OCR solution to automate, expedite, and enhance container registration during handling processes. Instead of manually entering container numbers, let our algorithms accurately and swiftly analyze all information on the container, down to the smallest detail.

Our Reach Stacker OCR solution easily automates:

  • Identification and registration of container numbers

But our Reach Stacker OCR can also:

  • ADR label check
  • GPS location and thus the last seen location of a container (*coming soon)
  • User interface with board computer functionality 

Real-time video

The Reach Stacker OCR technology by supplai is incredibly accurate because we employ real-time video footage. By working with video instead of photos, our algorithm has thousands of individual frames to extract information from. This results in unmatched reliability and quality of the collected data compared to traditional OCR techniques.

Prevent the issuance of incorrect containers

With our Reach Stacker OCR solution, your driver no longer needs to manually enter container numbers. Our algorithm analyzes all real-time video data, and the container number automatically appears on the driver’s screen. They simply need to verify and approve it. This prevents the placement of a wrong container on a truck.


The benefits of our Reach Stacker OCR solution

  • Easy setup: plug-and-play

  • Modular and highly scalable

  • Expandable with various features like GPS, board computer functionality, and additional recognition capabilities

Reach stacker ocr platform

Train the algorithm through the user-friendly platform

Our Reach Stacker OCR solution includes an online platform where all collected images and data are stored. You can train the algorithm through this user-friendly platform. If the algorithm doesn’t correctly recognize certain information, you can correct it here. In this way, you train the algorithm, ensuring it performs better next time. This continuously improves the quality of your Reach Stacker OCR solution. 

Based on your preferences, you can configure the platform to communicate intelligently with other systems you use in your terminal, such as your TOS or TMS. If you already have a board computer with a keyboard, we seamlessly integrate with it. This makes your processes even more efficient. If damage is reported on a container, simply enter the respective container number, and you’ll immediately see the correct images! 

Our Reach Stacker OCR platform is also available on mobile devices and works on various operating systems. Want to know more? Get in touch

R.B.C. prevents the issuance of incorrect containers

“Previously, the driver of the reach stacker manually typed in the number of the container being moved to the truck. When leaving the terminal, the truck driver entered their booking number. This method didn’t guarantee that a wrong container wouldn’t be physically placed on that truck. Consequently, incorrect containers were sometimes issued. This process took a lot of time and incurred additional costs to retrieve and rectify the mistake.”


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