Artificial Intelligence

the revolution called AI

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are endless and the only limit is your own creativity. Which process would you like to automate?

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what is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, usually shortened to AI, are mathematical algorithms capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligent behavior. It is able to learn from large amounts of data and generalize its new knowledge to unknown scenarios. This is what makes artificial intelligence "intelligent" and why it is so valuable. It can learn from almost any kind of data and apply it in the most useful way for us!
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digital brain

An AI has the power to mimic human thinking. In addition, it is able to learn from experiences and do things that once only human brains seemed to be able to do. As a result, the term AI is increasingly used as an acronym to describe software or machines that mimic human intelligence and its problem-solving abilities.


machine learning

An important subgroup of AI in which we operate a lot is machine learning. This is the branch of AI that deals with algorithms that learn from sample data. These computer programs can understand data and the patterns in it.

the cream of the robot

deep learning

Deep learning is another subgroup of machine learning, and can be seen as something even smarter. As with machine learning, these algorithms can understand data, but they are also able to learn without us explaining how.


an indispensable partner

Many of your processes are a combination of repetitive actions and smart actions. So you are not there (yet) with smartness alone. That is why we focus on combining AI and RPA. We will propose the right combination depending on the customer's wishes.
AI-based products to fully automate your operational processes.
Robotic Process Automation RPA

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Welk proces is repetitief (zowel kantoor als magazijn en/of fabriek) en wordt door een medewerker gelezen, gezien, gesproken, geanalyseerd, voorspelt of beslist?

Welke gegevens zijn beschikbaar en gerelateerd, zijn complexe gegevens waar verbanden tussen bestaan en kan jullie service niveau verbeteren of kosten niveau verlagen?

Heb je ideeën na het lezen van deze vragen? Dan ben je klaar voor AI!
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