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The products we make are based on two techniques; artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA).

how we do what we do

The main two techniques in our portfolio are explained below. But why do we use these two techniques? Using AI allows us to create smart applications, and RPA helps us automate them.
gate ocr, Gate OCR-Lösung


artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence, usually shortened to "AI", are mathematical algorithms capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligent behavior.


robotic process automation

Robot-driven process automation, abbreviated to RPA, is a technique used to automate business processes, by so-called software robots. It aims to automate through the user interface, by completely simulating the manual process.
AI-based products to fully automate your operational processes.
Robotic Process Automation RPA


machine learning

Binnen AI kennen we twee subsets, machine en deeplearning.
Bij machine learning zal de data scientist het algoritme wat gerichter moeten trainen maar is het wel in staat met minder data en in minder tijd het model te trainen.


deep learning

Deeplearning is weer heel sterk in het zien van onderliggende verbanden door enorme hoeveelheden data te analyseren. Daarom maken wij gebruik van machine of deep learning naar gelang het probleem of wens van de verbetering van processen.
artificial intelligence voor bedrijven

am I ready for AI and RPA?

Ask yourself the following questions: Which of my processes is repetitive and requires reading, seeing, speaking, analyzing, predicting or deciding? What data is available, does it contain unrealized value and can you increase your service level or lower your cost level? Do you have any ideas after reading these questions? Then you are ready for AI and RPA!
saves 3-10 times the costs after 5 years
reduces human error
more insight into your processes and data
works non-stop:
24 / 7 / 365


Google Cloud

Our algorithms run in Google's Cloud, with European servers and European legislation. This makes our solutions safe, easy to set up and scalable! Is your business growing? Then we will grow effortlessly with you.

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