focus on automation and not on infrastructure

Applying AI and RPA presents many challenges. We arrange the infrastructure for you in the cloud. AI As A Service!

everything in one place

You don't want another system. You want your people to have an easy and clear package. We get that! That is why we strive to always deliver the data in such a way that it is directly in your ERP system.

or rather stand-alone?

Do you still want to be able to see your data outside your ERP system? No problem. Then use our dashboard. Here you can easily access all the output that our algorithms have generated. To make everything as flexible as possible, we work according to the SaaS method. This means that our solutions are easily accessible via APIs, which deliver data the way you want.
rail ocr

endless possibilities with Google

We make our own algorithms and our own products. But for hosting our beautiful products we work with infrastructure from Google. Here our algorithms run quickly and safely. Furthermore, Google helps us to quickly scale up, if you need it, by means of a flexible model.

communicate via a secure protocol

get started quickly

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we connect to your ERP system


more capacity is always available

start quickly and scale infinitely?

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