artificial Intelligence for logistics

With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you can focus on the real exceptions in your supply chain. Our algorithms help to improve the various processes of logistics. Make all facets of the supply chain more transparent and get predictions or recommendations that enable more accurate decisions.

Artificial Intelligence voor de logistiek

why Artificial Intelligence for logistics?

But don’t I already plan? I’m already looking at data, don’t I? I already have systems, don’t I? That’s right, but these are static models and not dynamic models. By means of Artificial Intelligence and RPA you can make enormous optimization steps!

Artificial intelligence voor de logistiek

logistics at the forefront of AI & RPA

The logistics industry is one of the largest industries for employment! It employs thousands of people and is very important for our country as a transit country to the rest of Europe. As a country it is important to stay ahead of the competition because other countries and ports are gaining ground. Artificial intelligence and RPA is one of the most important opportunities for further development as an industry, according to logistics.nl. TNO has carried out a study and also states that conventional working methods are now inadequate, but that Artificial Intelligence / RPA offers the possibility to deal with this and to offer solutions.

the importance of innovation with AI & RPA for logistics

In 2017, only 10,000 people worked worldwide in the artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) industry, 95% of whom worked for the huge multinationals such as Google and Amazon. This means that only 500 people in the free sector worked on artificial intelligence. There are already a few more, but still too few to allow the other industries to catch up.

Companies such as Google and Amazon have been investing huge sums of money in artificial intelligence for quite a few years now. This has given them a huge edge over the competition. Because artificial intelligence and RPA will change business processes so much, rules have already been set by the US government to restrict acquisitions of American AI-related companies by Chinese companies (and this was for Trump.) The Dutch cabinet also sees that it is our country is very important to be at the forefront of technology in Artificial Intelligence and RPA. That is why training has been launched in recent years and the investment in artificial intelligence has doubled and the government is allocating around 1 billion euros to achieve this through the Dutch AI coalition. Companies such as Hema are now taking the first step in using artificial intelligence for logistics. They will use artificial intelligence to predict a lot better what the buying behavior of the customer is so that they can set up a more efficient supply chain. 

In an interview with the State Secretary for Economic Affairs, it is now up to companies and entrepreneurs to invest in artificial intelligence in order to continue to compete with other countries. Time for action!

Leading companies are already harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning to inform and fine-tune core strategies, such as warehouse locations, as well as to enhance real-time decision making related to issues like availability, costs, inventories, carriers, vehicles and personnel. — Forbes.com

how do I start with AI & RPA?

Supplai understands that every company has and works on a core ERP system. The terms artificial intelligence (AI), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and perhaps machine learning or deep learning (read more in our blog) can therefore be an elusive and difficult to understand technique. Because how do you connect this to each other? 

We believe that you should set up your organization step by step, process by process, to use artificial intelligence for logistics and thus improve your business processes. Our solutions therefore also connect seamlessly with your existing systems. Think of it as a new app on your phone! We just add something to it. In the text below, let us inspire you with examples with artificial intelligence for logistics about how your company can look like with AI in the next 5 years.

smart warehousing

Use artificial intelligence for logistics in multiple processes of your warehouse. Combine data from the office or other locations with your WMS. Some examples for inspiration of what AI algorithms can do:

For example, there are many other examples for a warehouse alone. Don’t let Artificial Intelligence replace your WMS, but improve it!

Artificial intelligence voor warehouses
smart warehousing Artificial intelligence voor de logistiek

forwarder, logistics service provider (LSP) or in-house logistics department

Processes are key for a service provider. Efficiency, quality and speed are all very important. Use artificial intelligence for logistics to create more value for your customers! Some examples:

financial and management

There are many repetitive processes involving data in the finance department. Here artificial intelligence for logistics is well suited to analyze large amounts of unstructured data or to take tasks off your hands. Some examples:

Wat voorbeelden:

deep learning OCR
Predictive maintenence logistics

terminal, depot or warehouse

There is nothing more precious to a company than material that breaks during an assignment. Use artificial intelligence for logistics to reduce this. Some examples:


Commercial data is often very unstructured and decisions are often made based on feeling. How do you ensure that you make the correct predictions based on history? Some examples:

beslissen met Artificial Intelligence

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