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Artificial Intelligence for the manufacturing

Streamline your business processes such as inventory management, warehouse management, delivery reliability and product quality.

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why AI for the manufacturing and process industry?

Whether you are a small or huge production company, every factory in the manufacturing industry and process industry can take enormous steps to improve production processes in reliability, accuracy and safety through Artificial Intelligence (AI)! This is not only in the production processes themselves, but also in the business processes that are necessary to transport or sell your goods.

innovate together with AI

In Belgium and the Netherlands, various companies already work together and help each other to make artificial intelligence for the manufacturing and process industries possible. The KEEN consortium, a collaboration of 25 companies in the manufacturing and process industries, states that “ Products and processes are becoming more complex and so engineers need advanced tools to manage that, it says. KEEN does not see artificial intelligence as a possible alternative to the deployment of engineers, but as an instrument that can assist them ”. Therefore consider investigating what Artificial Intelligence for the manufacturing industry can do for you.

at the forefront of AI and RPA

51% of the largest European manufacturers are now working on at least one artificial intelligence assignment. To date, this has made Europe a forerunner in artificial intelligence for the manufacturing industry and process industries. There is often an enormous amount of data available. There are often a lot of sensors. Companies such as Siemens have therefore been investing in artificial intelligence for years. Current models work but are static models. These can be greatly improved by using artificial intelligence in the manufacturing and process industries. You can therefore think of modeling and analyzing processes, products and / or machines / installations. Furthermore, artificial intelligence can support engineering and in the long term artificial intelligence can autonomously control processes.

Voorop in AI

the importance of innovation with AI & RPA

In 2017, only 10,000 people worked in the artificial intelligence industry worldwide, 95% of whom worked for huge multinationals such as Google and Amazon. This means that only 500 people in the free sector worked on artificial intelligence. 

There are already a few more, but still too few to allow the other industries to catch up. Because artificial intelligence will change business processes so much, rules have already been set by the US government to restrict acquisitions of American AI-related companies by Chinese companies (and this was for Trump.) The Dutch cabinet also sees that it is very important for our country to be at the forefront of technology in artificial intelligence. That is why training has been launched in recent years and she wants to double the investment in artificial intelligence and is allocating about 1 billion euros to achieve this. 

The cabinet has also drawn up a special action plan for intensive public-private partnerships and investments for artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, several large companies indicate that the Netherlands misses the ‘boat‘ with artificial intelligence and are sounding the alarm. We are not moving fast enough! Time for action!

AI will revolutionize our lives by bridging the gap between what humans are capable of and what is actually possible. It will penetrate across industries to take over basic tasks from humans, seamlessly interacting with our daily lives. —

how do I start with AI & RPA?

Supplai understands that every company has and works on a core ERP system. The terms artificial intelligence (AI), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and perhaps machine learning or deep learning (read more in our blog) can therefore be an elusive and difficult to understand technique. Because how do you connect this to each other? 

We believe that you should set up your organization step by step, process by process, to use artificial intelligence and thus improve your business processes. Our solutions therefore also connect seamlessly with your existing systems. Think of it as a new app on your phone! We just add something to it. In the text below, let us inspire you with examples with artificial intelligence for the manufacturing industry  about how your company can look like with AI in the next 5 years.

Artificial Intelligence for the manufacturing industry in the factory

There are many other examples for factories to come up with. Don’t let Artificial Intelligence replace your employees, but improve them!

AI in de fabriek


Within Engineering, we build heavily on datasets and artificial intelligence is perfect for this. Artificial Intelligence for the manufacturing industry can help you improve the engineering process.

material and safety

There is nothing more precious to a company than material that breaks during an assignment. Use artificial intelligence to reduce this. Predictive maintenance or ” prevention is better than cure ”. Some examples:

Predictive maintenence logistics
Financiele accountant en artificial intelligence

financial and management

There are many repetitive processes that involve data in the financial department. Here artificial intelligence is well suited to analyze large amounts of unstructured data or to take tasks off your hands. Some examples:

There are many other examples to come up with. Don’t let Artificial Intelligence replace your employees, but improve them!


Commercial data is often very unstructured and decisions are often made based on feeling. How do you ensure that you make the correct predictions based on history? Some examples:

easy to link to, for example

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