TOC Europe 2024 Rotterdam Ahoy

June 2, 2024


TOC Europe Rotterdam Ahoy 2024 

When? June 11-13
Where? Rotterdam Ahoy, Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam.
Opening times: June 11 and 12 from 10:00 till 18:00 and June 13 from 10:00 till 15:00.
Where to meet Supplai? stand – A30 on the IT Partner stand
Whom: exhbitiors
Where is everyone: floorplan 
Things to do in Rotterdam: scroll down in this article

TOC Europe is the place to learn from and network with the world’s leading port decision-makers, policy experts, solution-providers, and more. With an unrivaled 40-year heritage, this event has firmly established itself as the AGM for port and cargo supply chain professionals. The event’s primary goal is to supercharge strategies and make port operation visions a reality. Whether your focus is on adapting to the unpredictable economic climate or simply embracing the exciting new technologies revolutionizing the sector, TOC Europe offers a comprehensive platform to explore these themes.

Held annually, TOC Europe attracts attendees from across the globe, including C-level decision-makers, engineers, automation experts, and digitalization specialists. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to network with industry colleagues and learn about the latest advancements in the industry. The event’s significance lies in its ability to bring together under one roof a diverse group of professionals and stakeholders, all dedicated to improving port and terminal operations. This trade show serves as a critical touchpoint for those involved in the container supply chain, offering insights into market trends, technological innovations, and strategic developments.

The conference sessions and exhibitions focus on various crucial aspects, including port equipment, automation, digitalization, and sustainability. Attendees can gain valuable insights from policy experts and industry leaders, who share their knowledge and experiences in handling the challenges and opportunities in the port and cargo supply chain. The presence of leading suppliers and exhibitors at the event further enhances its value, providing a comprehensive view of the industry’s current state and future direction.

Informa Markets, the organizer of TOC Europe, ensures that each edition of the event meets the high standards expected by its attendees. By fostering an environment of collaboration and learning, TOC Europe continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of port operations and supply chain management.

Anticipating TOC Europe 2024 in Rotterdam

TOC Europe 2024 is set to take place at the renowned Rotterdam Ahoy Centre from 11 to 13 June 2024. This year’s edition promises to be a highlight for professionals in the port and cargo supply chain industry. Rotterdam, known for its strategic importance in global trade, serves as the perfect backdrop for this significant event. As one of the world’s leading ports, Rotterdam provides a dynamic and relevant setting for discussions and demonstrations focused on the future of terminal operations.

The 2024 edition of TOC Europe will feature a robust agenda packed with sessions on automation, sustainability, and digitalization. Attendees can look forward to engaging with the latest advancements in technology and exploring how these innovations can be integrated into their operations. The event will showcase exciting new technologies revolutionizing the sector like Supplai’s AI Gate, Rail, Crane and Reachstacker OCR, providing a platform for solution-providers to display their cutting-edge products and services.

Rotterdam Ahoy, the venue for the event, is well-equipped to host such a large-scale trade fair. Its state-of-the-art facilities ensure that both exhibitors and visitors have a productive and enjoyable experience. The event will bring together C-level decision-makers, policy experts, automation specialists, and other key stakeholders, all eager to share their insights and strategies for navigating the unpredictable economic climate. The conference will also focus on how to adapt to current market conditions, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and innovation in achieving operational excellence.

In addition to the conference sessions, the exhibition floor will be bustling with activity. Exhibitors from across the globe will present their latest solutions, offering attendees the chance to see first-hand the tools and technologies that are driving the industry forward. Networking opportunities abound, allowing participants to connect with peers, discuss challenges, and explore potential collaborations.

TOC Europe 2024 in Rotterdam is not just an event; it’s a critical juncture for the industry. It provides a unique opportunity for cargo supply chain professionals to gain insights, find solutions, and develop strategies that will help them stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Whether you are a port decision-maker, an engineer, or a specialist in automation or digitalization, this event is a must-attend. Join us in June 2024 at Rotterdam Ahoy to be part of the essential container supply chain event of the year.

Supplai on the TOC Europe 2024

Supplai and will be there on the TOC Europe 2024, Supplai will be highlighting its innovative AI video based Gate, Rail, Crane and ReachStacker OCR. The company’s presence at the event will demonstrate its commitment to revolutionizing terminal operations and the cargo supply chain. As a leading AI company, Supplai offers cutting-edge products that enhance efficiency and accuracy in various logistics processes.

Supplai their AI Gate OCRRail OCR, Crane OCR and ReachStacker OCR uses advanced AI and real-time video analysis to streamline processes, reduce errors, and increase overall productivity. 

Supplai invites all attendees to join us on stand nr A30. By engaging with industry leaders and solution-providers, participants will gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the sector. Whether your focus is on adapting to current market conditions or exploring new technological advancements, Supplai’s presence at TOC Europe 2024 promises to provide practical and innovative solutions to meet your needs.

TOC Europe Ahoy
TOC Europe Ahoy

Insights for Cargo Supply Chain Professionals

One of the key benefits of attending TOC Europe 2024 is the chance to participate in various in-person sessions and workshops. These sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including automation, sustainability, and digitalization. Attendees will hear from experts who will provide valuable insights into current market trends and offer practical solutions to improve terminal operations.

The exhibition floor will be another highlight of the event. It will feature a diverse array of exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services. This is an excellent opportunity for professionals to discover new technologies that can enhance their operations and drive efficiency. Whether you are looking for new suppliers or innovative solutions, the exhibition will provide a comprehensive overview of what is available in the market.

Networking opportunities at TOC Europe 2024 are designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. Attendees will have the chance to connect with peers, industry leaders, and solution-providers, building relationships that can lead to future collaborations. This event is not just about learning from the presentations and exhibitions; it is also about engaging with the community and discussing the future of the cargo supply chain.

Join us on the road towards growth at the essential container supply chain event. Whether your focus is on adapting to the unpredictable economic climate or embracing the exciting new technologies revolutionizing the sector, TOC Europe 2024 in Rotterdam promises to be a transformative experience for all attendees.

Things to Do in Rotterdam During the Trade Fair

While attending TOC Europe 2024, taking place at Rotterdam Ahoy, attendees will have numerous opportunities to explore the vibrant city of Rotterdam. Known for its innovative architecture, rich cultural scene, and bustling port, Rotterdam offers a variety of activities that will enrich your stay during the trade fair.

One of the key highlights of visiting Rotterdam is its impressive modern architecture. The city’s skyline is dotted with iconic structures such as the Erasmus Bridge, the Cube Houses, and the Markthal. These landmarks provide great photo opportunities and a sense of the city’s forward-thinking spirit. Additionally, the Rotterdam Ahoy Centre itself is a testament to the city’s commitment to hosting large-scale international events, making it the perfect venue for TOC Europe 2024.

For those interested in art and history, Rotterdam boasts a number of world-class museums. The Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum offers an extensive collection of fine art, while the Maritime Museum provides insights into the city’s deep connection with maritime history. These cultural institutions offer a relaxing and educational break from the busy schedule of the trade fair.

Food enthusiasts will not be disappointed, as Rotterdam is home to a diverse culinary scene. The city’s multicultural makeup is reflected in its wide array of restaurants and food markets. A nice place to join food and history is Hotel New York. Visiting the Markthal is a must, where you can sample local delicacies and international cuisines under one spectacular roof.

Beyond the cultural and culinary attractions, Rotterdam’s port is a significant highlight. As one of the largest and busiest ports in the world, it offers harbor tours that provide a unique perspective on the city’s crucial role in global trade. These tours are especially relevant for TOC Europe attendees, offering firsthand insights into port and cargo supply chain operations.

Rotterdam offers a rich tapestry of experiences that complement the professional benefits of attending TOC Europe 2024. Whether you are an exhibitor, a supplier, or a port and cargo supply chain professional, the city has something to offer. Make sure to take full advantage of the cultural, historical, and culinary delights of Rotterdam during your stay.


Attending TOC Europe 2024 at Rotterdam Ahoy involves a lot of planning and preparation. To help you make the most of your visit, we have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. These will cover essential details such as dates, location, transportation options, and much more.

What are the dates and location for TOC Europe 2024?

TOC Europe 2024 will be held from June 11 to 13, 2024, at the Rotterdam Ahoy Centre in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

What are the opening hours for TOC Europe 2024?

The exhibition will be open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on June 11 and 12, and from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on June 13.

Where can I find the floor plan for TOC Europe 2024?

The floor plan for TOC Europe 2024 can be downloaded from the official TOC Europe website. It provides detailed information about exhibitor locations and the layout of the event.

What is the stand number for Supplai at TOC Europe 2024?

Supplai and will be exhibiting at stand A30 partnering with IT Partners. Be sure to visit their booth to learn about their latest AI innovations.

How can I get to Rotterdam Ahoy by metro or bus?

Rotterdam Ahoy is easily accessible by public transport. You can take metro line D or E to the Zuidplein station, which is a short walk from the venue. Several bus lines also stop near the Ahoy Centre.

What kind of sessions and workshops will be available at TOC Europe 2024?

TOC Europe 2024 will feature a variety of sessions and workshops focusing on automation, sustainability, digitalization, and other key topics in port and cargo supply chain management.

Who are the main exhibitors and sponsors at TOC Europe 2024?

The event will host a wide range of exhibitors and sponsors, including leading solution-providers, policy experts, and industry stakeholders. Detailed lists can be found on the TOC Europe website.

What networking opportunities are available at TOC Europe 2024?

TOC Europe 2024 offers numerous networking opportunities through the app, including scheduled sessions, informal meet-ups, and special networking events designed to connect industry professionals.

How do I register for TOC Europe 2024?

Registration for TOC Europe 2024 can be completed online through the official TOC Europe website. Various pass options are available to suit different needs.

What are some recommended hotels near Rotterdam Ahoy?

Several hotels are conveniently located near Rotterdam Ahoy, offering a range of accommodations to suit different budgets. Recommendations can be found on the TOC Europe website or via travel booking platforms.