Real-time video analytics

AI algorithms to analyze images from drones in real-time while still flying

supplai’s Computer vision and Machine Learning algorithms for Drones offers various benefits to practically every business sector. Our Computer vision for Drones with Machine Learning algorithms takes live video feeds from drone cameras and analyses the data. When combined with Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms, Drones can be used to detect objects, count livestock, detect infrastructural problems, and perform any activity that would usually require humans. Our Computer vision for Drones can view and evaluate visual data by utilizing high-quality cameras, radar, and other infrared technologies. This enables Drones to outperform humans in ways we never imagined possible.

AI-based algorithms for drones to offer important information

Our Computer vision for Drones with Machine Learning algorithms can read, analyze, and predict data on their own. Unlike software that has been manually built and performs tasks with precise instructions, our algorithms enable drones to learn and improve over time when exposed to new information. Drones equipped with Computer vision and Machine Learning technology allow for the real-time capture and analysis of high-quality visual data. This real-time visual data analysis helps businesses improve their operations and reach their goals in a timely manner. Our Computer vision and Machine Learning algorithms are fully functional in remote areas, and they also do not require human interaction during operation.

Our Computer vision and Machine Learning algorithms can be adopted to enhance aerial vision in the following industries:

  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil and Bulk terminals
  • Rail and transport
  • Search and Rescue
  • Surveillance
  • Warehousing

AI-integrated Drones can also be deployed to provide assistance during Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights and operations. This is where a drone is operated without the need for a pilot keeping constant visual line of sight on the aircraft.


  • Computer Vision to identify things while flying, analyse and collect data, etc. 
  • Machine learning algorithms with real-time data analysis to continually enhance aerial vision and data output.
  • AI-based OCR software for aerial optical recognition and imaging even during low-visibility and harsh weather conditions
  • Can be deployed either as a standalone system, or integrated within existing Operating Systems

Benefits for a wide range of sectors

agriculture & precision farming

  • Monitor crop health & production. 
  • Track soil quality and detect rotten crops, track crop growth, and predict patterns with real-time analysis.
  • Gather data for insurance & crop loss claims.
  • Track and map livestock with aerial vision.
  • Precision farming & automated irrigation. 

Architecture & construction

  • Real-time aerial surveillance and imaging of construction sites for insurance claims.
  • Enhance security with aerial surveillance by tracking movement of staff during operations.

Environmental inspection

  • Real-time data-analysis of wildlife and their habitat.
  • Detect and send alerts to prevent poaching and illegal hunting, logging and trafficking of endangered animals.
  • Assist during Drone Seed Planting or Drone Reforestation
  • Contribute to sustainability and Responsible Care

Healthcare & medicinal services

  • Aerial assist for the Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals.
  • Provide healthcare services from a distance.

infrastructural facilities

  • Real-time imaging and data-analysis to detect movement and prevent accidents or hazardous situations
  • Accurate aerial mapping and measurement
  • Increase documentation accuracy with aerial vision based on machine learning algorithms for insurance claims.

oil & bulk terminals

  • Detect and predict spill patterns of oil, gas, powders and other chemicals with the combination of aerial vision and machine learning.
  • Scan facilities such as rooftops, chimneys, and towers, storage facilities,  etc, and analyse data in real time to enhance transparency and security.

railway cargo & transport service

  • Real-time aerial surveillance for early identification of track malfunctions and to prevent hazardous situations
  • Aerial inspections and real-time analysis of bridges and tunnels to prevent hazards

search & rescue missions

  • Find missing individuals and save lives as quickly as possible with real-time aerial vision based on Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Aerial assist for rescue teams with real-time analysis to ensure thorough search and rescue.

surveillance & security

  • ML drones incorporated with thermal imaging and sensors to detect human body heat and movement.
  • Collect real-time data and send alerts in the event of an emergency

warehousing & storage

  • Automated aerial assistance during inventory audit and cycle counting
  • Automated aerial stock location and staff movement analysis


supplai receives the MIT AI R&D subsidy for our project - Real-Time Video Analytics on Drones

Ridderkerk, South-Holland, July 08 2022

We are proud to announce that we have been granted the MIT AI R&D subsidy for our project ‘Real-time Video Analytics on Drones’ from the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO); [Eng]: Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Our project focuses on the development and application of edge-based Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automatically detect any temporal and spatial events in video footage by the use of drones.

This project will see us work together with Dutch Drone Company, one of the few companies situated in The Netherlands that is fully approved to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

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