WhyWaarom Advario AI based Rail OCR uses supplai

April 10, 2023


Smart Camera

Advario is a leading global player in the storage industry, with a focused strategy for growth in chemicals, gases, and new energies. Advario has 14 terminals worldwide. At the terminal in the Stolthaven in Antwerp, a smart camera with Artificial Intelligence from supplai is implemented to automate the administrative process.

Administration Time Per Train

“Trains arrive at the terminal day and night. Wagon by wagon, we fill those trains with the correct product and ensure that the correct data is transferred to our Terminal Management System. This is now done manually. Someone walks past the wagons, notes the data, and enters it into the system. This manual process can take up to half an hour.”

Why Partner With Supplai

“Therefore, we started looking for a solution to automate this process. We chose to partner with supplai due to their expertise and experience with Rail OCR, their ability to roll out quickly, and the minimal changes required in our hardware.”

Smart Cameras With Artificial Intelligence

“Supplai has provided us with a smart camera with AI software that reads the data from the wagons and automatically forwards it to our system. We plan to expand this further to other locations if this goes well. We expect to save a lot of time in the process this way.”

Thomas Beyers – Advario Stolthaven Antwerpen

Ai-based Rail Ocr

Enhance The Speed Of Every Operational Process Supplai’s AI-based Rail OCR Automation Technology enhances the speed of every operational process and saves time as well as the cost of excessive manpower. Our technology supports all classes of railway vehicles ranging from Freight Cars to Multiple-Units.