Want to automate your logistic document flow?

June 10, 2023


Logistics Status Messages

HelloContainer is the first online booking platform for containers where you can arrange the entire container transport from A to Z. Therefore, HelloContainer receives a vast amount of customer information from logistics service providers such as shipping companies. This information comes in an e-mail or a pdf and is manually typed into the HelloContainer platform, so the customers can be updated with the latest information about their container. Handmatig wordt deze informatie overgetypt in het HelloContainer platform om het inzichtelijk te maken voor klanten.

Automating Working Method

“This method is inefficient, time-consuming, and gives us constant headaches. It takes us a lot of time to manually retype the information and it is too easy to make errors. That is why we started looking for a kind of robot that can read information from the documents and translate it directly to our platform. We have made some attempts to develop an algorithm ourselves, but that is more difficult than it seems.”

The Algorithm Of Supplai Is At A High-level

“We put our question to various parties and ultimately opted for supplai due to their experience and expertise in the logistics sector. You need a large amount of data to make an algorithm work at such a high level. Since supplai had already developed solutions for rail operators with similar documents, their algorithm was already very well trained and adapted.”

Saving 1 Fte

“After only six months, we are now in the final phase of the project where we have further optimized and implemented the algorithm. This means that we are uploading all types of documents we receive through the algorithm, the algorithm runs this data, and we make small corrections where necessary. With a margin of error of less than 5%, the algorithm will completely take over our task. In our current logistics team of 4 FTE, the algorithm will already save at least 1 FTE in administration work.”

Jos de Jonge – CEO HelloContainer

Documenten Automation

Want To Automate Your Logistic Document Flow? Read data from documents directly with our deep learning algorithm. Shorten lead times, errors and the manual effort of expensive employees.