Gate and Reach Stacker OCR prevents issuing wrong containers

August 10, 2023


Gate And Reach Stacker OCR

R.B.C. is a multimodal terminal in Rotterdam-Botlek for the storage of empty and loaded tank containers, full box containers, and reefer units. At the entrance and exit of the terminal, an AI-based Gate OCR solution from supplai is used to read container numbers. The reach stackers are also equipped with smart cameras working with Artificial Intelligence software, called Reach Stacker OCR.

Costs Due To Issuing Incorrect Containers

“Before, the reach stacker driver manually typed in the number of the container he moves to the truck. When the truck driver leaves the terminal, he types in his booking number. This work method doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a physically wrong container placed on the truck. Therefore, it occurred wrong containers were issued. It takes a lot of time and entails extra costs to retrieve that container and correct the error.”

Control Through Smart Cameras With Ai

“Thanks to supplai ‘s AI-based Gate OCR at both the entrance and exit of the terminal and the Reach Stacker OCR, we know for sure that the right container is leaving on the right booking. All container numbers are in our system with a client linked to them. This system is connected to the drivers’ cargo cards. Only If the container number and the driver’s cargo card match each other, the gate will open. This prevents the issuance of incorrect containers and thus extra costs.”

Chris de Rijke – R.B.C. Container Terminal

Innovative Gate Ocr Solution

Easily Automate All Your Access Processes Increase throughput, improve control accuracy, and save on labor costs. Our technology is lightning-fast, highly accurate, scalable, and more cost-effective than traditional Gate OCR systems.

Reach Stacker Ocr

Automate The Registration Of Container Numbers Automate, improve, and accelerate container registration during handling processes with our innovative Reach Stacker OCR. Our solution utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze and understand real-time video footage.