Logistic Document OCR: 50% growth in 5 years

July 10, 2023


Logistic Document Ocr

R.M.I. Global Logistic Services is an operator that transports liquids in tank containers throughout Europe, mainly using rail and short sea routes. An AI-based Logistic Document OCR solution from supplai is used to process the information about arrival and departure times and delay messages of the liquid’s transport.

Automating Data Of Transport

“When we transport from Rotterdam to Milan, we use up to 5 different modalities, called legs. Each leg has a planned, booked, and actual date and time at the start and end. So for one shipping, you have 30 different times and dates which you have to process if you want to keep a correct overview of your transport. On top of that, there are also delays that you have to deal with. Currently, this process is done manually which takes a lot of time and is not the most enjoyable work. We have therefore asked supplai to automate this”.

Data Prediction

“The algorithm of supplai is operational for several customers and it provides serious time savings. Due to the hectic time with staff shortages, we are still in the process of connecting other customers for whom we are training the algorithm. In the future, we even want to see if we can also predict data. Do we expect a delay? Then we can proactively inform our customers”.

Potential Of Artificial Intelligence

“We started using Artificial Intelligence solutions in order to achieve growth with the same number of people. We aim to grow 50% in 5 years with only a 15% increase in overhead costs. You need to handle your systems smarter, that’s why I see a lot of potential in AI.”

Chris de Rijke – R.M.I Global Logistic Services

Logistic Document Ocr

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