Supplai and HPS to provide smart gate OCR solutions

July 5, 2023


supplai and HPS Industrial partner to accelerate and enhance gate entry processes. This partnership originated via a joint client, KMI. Due to our distribution of Advantech’s Nvidia Jetson edge devices, HPS Industrial established contact for a possible partnership, which ended up being a perfect match. With our hardware provided by HPS Industrial, we effectively developed a revolutionary concept for access control (Gate OCR). AI-based (deep learning) algorithms make it possible to detect, scan, and read container numbers, providing an automated gate entry process or access control.

Two Innovative Players On The Market

HPS industrial B.V. is a company that specializes in assembling, building and configuring industrial computer and network solutions. They provide systems for solutions that place high demands on reliability and long-term availability. HPS Industrial’s expertise lies in the implementation of custom-made systems and configurations that are completely tailored to the needs of the customer.

A rapidly expanding startup, supplai is an expert in artificial intelligence. We enhance business-processes by providing AI based solutions such as document automation, data prediction, and computer vision (image recognition). Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms are retrained to analyse each frame of a video data in real time. Dataset from this analysis is used to deploy gate OCR technology to enhance gate entry processes.

The hardware required for this project comes from HPS Industrial. For over 25 years, they have specialized in consulting and offering tailor-made industrial computer and network solutions, as well as Cobots and AI technologies. 

Artificial Intelligence For Gate Automation

The cameras installed on the entry gates can read the container numbers on containers and ISO tanks using Nvidia Jetson’s edge computing. The algorithm also reads the ISO code, GEVI and UN markings and recognizes ADR labels. The classification algorithm recognizes and verifies whether the labels match the GEVI number and sends the total data to a Terminal Operating System (TOS). This determines whether the container meets the requirements. If everything is approved, the barrier will open. Thanks to this gate automation, drivers gain access without the need for control by a person. The customer then has information about each container, in the form of a short video, as a digital burden of proof for legislation and regulations. This data can also prove damage inspection and maintenance checks.

For Gate OCR, HPS Industrial supplied a fanless, ruggedized AI-box PC from Advantech (with Nvidia Jetson module). We built an intuitive platform for this on which the customer can view all the dataset provided by deep learning algorithm, perform checks, and  easily track and trace every container by their numbers and specific labels after passing through the gates fitted with high-end

Constantly Innovating

Gate OCR technology is nothing new under the sun, but our AI-based deep learning algorithm has made it a lot more efficient. Due to the application of artificial intelligence, not only are fewer cameras needed, but the system is also more accurate, because it analyzes every frame of every video stream. The algorithm learns more and more, because the data is corrected. For example, it also learns to read the data on containers in bad weather. Another additional advantage is that this technique is cheaper, because it is based on software rather than hardware.

Due to our Gate OCR solution being software-based, it is possible to easily add extra detection based on the wishes and needs of the customer. This makes the product unique and always precisely tailored. Additionally, it is scalable and can easily adapt to new developments. Our Gate OCR system can be used for much more than just gate automation and container code recognition. An example of this is damage detection. Damage to trucks or containers can be quickly detected and repaired with AI-based smart gate OCR solutions.

Working Together On A Total Solution For The Customer

The collaboration between HPS Industrial and supplai did not stop at the OCR project. We complement each other perfectly and can thus offer a total solution for every customer. In this way, they have already tackled various challenges together. More great projects are planned. We have already successfully marketed the AI-based Rail OCR for ProRail, among others. The AI-based container and OCR recognition software is also interesting for, for example, reachstackers at container terminals and depots.) This strong collaboration therefore promises a lot of great things for the future!