Broekman Logistics uses Gate OCR solution from supplai

March 10, 2023


Unique In The Rotterdam Region

Broekman Logistics is a full-service logistics provider specializing in transportation by sea, road, rail, air, and multimodal transport. They are a unique multipurpose breakbulk terminal in the Rotterdam region and have various terminals there. The breakbulk division, which focuses on short sea containers, recently started using supplai ‘s on IP cameras and video AI-based Gate OCR solution.

Optimizing Processes

“At Broekman Logistics, we are in the process of implementing a new operational system. Therefore, we have reviewed all processes. Sometimes a wrong container leaves the terminal, which takes a lot of time and money to correct and get the container back to the right place. Therefore, we have explored how we can improve this process with Gate OCR.”

Detecting Damage

“We also use supplai ‘s platform to detect damage. Previously, when a customer reported damage to a container, we had to search all camera footage for the right container. With supplai ‘s platform, we can simply enter the container number and immediately get the right images to view any damage.”

“A Great Milestone For Our Terminal”

Rob van Dijk, Director Operations at Broekman Logistics and responsible for this terminal, is enthusiastic about the implementation of the system. “The implementation of Supplai’s AI-based Gate OCR system is a great milestone for our terminal. We see this moment as an important step in the digitization of our logistics processes within Broekman Logistics.”

AI Versus Traditional OCR

“We have considered different parties and chosen supplai because of their innovative character. With the AI application that supplai offers, numbers, symbols, and figures are read much more innovatively than traditional parties do. Normally, expensive line scan cameras take many photos that are then stitched together into an extended image of the container. This is not necessary with supplai ‘s technology.”

Why Supplai

“Supplai is a young and innovative company, which is important to us. It is a smaller group, which means that we can work more pragmatically and get more done together. Large parties are often much more expensive, and this is also new to us. Therefore, this is a very good way to start accessible. The AI-based Gate OCR has now been implemented at the main entrance, and if successful, we want to apply it to the back entrance as well.”

Thomas Kuijpers – Broekman Logistics

Gate Ocr Based On Ai

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